2014 Fall Food Trends

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2014 Fall Food Trends

In exactly one month and a day Autumn will officially begin for our 2014 year. The scenery starts changing around you, no more green pastures but instead, fields of fallen yellow and red leaves line the grounds bursting with vibrant colors. Along with the weather and scenery change comes with the change of your diet. We move from the light ice creams and refreshing limeades to the comfort and filling foods that most of us love to enjoy around the holiday times. Here are the fall 2014 food trends that you should be watching out for this season.

Move over Kale…cauliflower is in the building. Out of all the project trends I’ve seen this fall season cauliflower has to be on the top of the list.Cauliflower is now your go to versatile and healthy vegetable. According to Huffington Post cauliflower can be substituted for almost every thing you eat.From rice to pizza cauliflower is taking over the vegetable block leaving no room for any other produce to make any noise.

ramen-chicken-wings (1)

Apparently people are running or of things to do with ramen noodles this year as well.Chefs around the world are now experimenting with the flavors and texture of these noodles to make mind blowing creations. From the ramen burger to get this… ramen noodle crusted chicken wings, the possibilities are endless with this once struggling college kid favorite.

No Gluten free is not going way this year either. If anything this phenomenon will only be getting stronger as the year comes to an end. Gluten-free cuisine was a top-five trend identified in the National Restaurant Association’s “What’s Hot in 2014” survey. Chefs around the world are incorporating this concept in most of the dishes they make as a niche for their cuisines and most have said that they plan one using more Gluten-free products in the near future.

Alternative grains are all the craze in this fall season. Say good bye to traditional side dishes like mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese and say hello to quinoa, spelt and amaranth. Many of these grains are similar to the texture of rice with half the calories or carbs for a more healthier option.


Of course no fall is complete without your favorite comfort foods and this year is no different. The catch is there is a twist this season. Chefs are opting to do comfort foods with upscale ingredients. Such as this mac-and-cheese update Italian style with sauteed salami, garlic, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and onions from Forbes.

Let us know which fall trends you adopted this year or share your favorite fall dishes with us via social media @ us (at) The SOABrand !

Until next time, Happy eating!


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