The Ultimate Picnic Guide

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The Ultimate Picnic Guide

July is National Picnic Month. And what better way to celebrate this month then by having your own picnic! Picnics are perfect this time of the year, with great weather and getting to eat surrounded by fresh air, there is no reason not to have one. But every great picnic takes some planning. Here is a guide to creating your own ultimate picnic. Whether for two or just for you we hope you enjoy it just as much as we do!

The Ultimate Pinic Guide

Location, Location

Just like any destination, it’s all about the location. Make sure you pick a shaded area to keep you protected from the sun. If you are on the beach or anywhere without trees, you can even bring an outdoor umbrella. Anywhere form your backyard, a park, a sparkling lake or beach will do just fine. Your theme also plays a role on where to have your picnic. If you are going for a more romantic feel, exclusivity is key. Pick a secluded area just for the two of you, away from most distractions and people.

Cover your ground

When picking a ground cover it’s not rocket science, neither does it has to be the finest covering. You can use a beach towel, a cute tablecloth, and even an old blanket. Just choose a covering that has enough space for whoever is invited. Also keep in mind of where you’re setting up. Always make sure to check the grounds for ant hills, poison ivy, and anything else that may cause any harm.

What to bring


The extras at a picnic are essential. You always need a basket or a cooler, something just to hold your food and beverages in. Always bring bug spray or sunblock, depending on what you’re trying to avoid. Always bring utensils, condiments, and lots of napkins. You can bring games, a portable iPod deck or stereo and even your favorite reads. Don’t forget trash bags and a corkscrew, if you’re bringing wine. The possibilities are endless, but it’s all about comfort. The best thing to keep in mind with picnics is that you are bringing your comforts outdoors to enjoy them in a great atmosphere.

What to eat

The great thing about picnic foods is the simpler the foods the better. Due to sanitary issues you always have to be cautious of the food you bring and the temperatures you store them in. If you are having a picnic and do not have a cooler, avoid foods that need to be refrigerated like potato salad and cole slaw. Think simple sandwiches, fruit and vegetables. You can do prepared hot dogs and hamburgers as well for more filling meats like BBQ. Just remember to serve all food immediately to avoid from spoiling. For more picnic recipe inspiration try these.

What to drink

Picnics are perfect for breaking out your favorite bottle of wine. Also, remember you are in the sun, so don’t forget to stay hydrated. Make sure to pack lots of water and juice for your trip!

 Don’t forget!

To ensure nothing is left out make yourself an “Ultimate Picnic Checklist” before you head out!

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Until next time, Happy Picnicking,


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