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7 Best Jobs for Introverts

Introverts are a commonly misunderstood group, but they have keen powers of observation and outstanding stills when it comes to paying attention to details. They also are known as the behind the scenes type of person, so they are not always very communicative. Instead of being the center of attention, you can catch an introvert on the sidelines listening to everything that is going on. Introverts have always known to be very wise because they do not speak on everything they see. Unfortunately the job-hunting world is not always easy for an introvert, but that does not mean they do not make good employees. Some research even suggests that introverts make some of the best leaders. If you are an introverted person searching for the perfect career for you, then we have a couple suggestions here.


Film/video editor

  • Have you ever watched a movie and been so intrigued on how clear the picture is and how great the scenes transition? Well these people are what make that happen. A film/video editor is perfectly suited for an introverted personality because they do all the behind the scenes work. They spend their time in the cutting room editing video packages that make the final product appealing to the viewing audience. For $51,000 a year, this is a great starting career for someone who enjoys this type of work.

Social media manager

  • Social media has taken over our lives. Just about every small business or major company has some form of a social media page in order to market his or her brand. Heading up a company’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page is perfect for an introvert because it requires a lot of time behind a computer. Imagine getting paid $60,000 a year just to sit on your computer and tweet? That goes to show how important social media has become in the world.

Court reporter

  • These people are so much for important and often overlooked. The court reporter is the person who records all the interactions and verbal exchanges in the courtroom. Most of the time, you see them in the corner just typing their fingers away. Court reporters are known as the courtrooms “fly on the wall” because they silently move. The annual median salary is about $48,160, which is a very good salary for a non-bachelor degree career.

Financial analyst

  • Do you enjoy studying money and the sock market? Well a career as a financial analyst could be just right for you. Your daily duties as a financial analyst could include studying stocks, bonds, business transactions, and writing financial reports. Most introverts are happy to know that this field deals with facts and not people. With a bachelor’s degree, a financial analyst could earn up to $75,650 a year.

Medical Records and Health Information Technician

  • Have an interest in the health field, but do not want to go to medical school. Well with this career, you can earn your associates degree in the field and you will be way suited to work as a medical records and health information technician. This career allows you to work with health care, but the behind the scenes part of it. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, they spend most of their time behind a computer while reviewing patient records and analyzing data. A medical records career really is about the records and not about the people, so that avoids the human interactions introverts do not like. $33,310 is normally the starting salary for someone in this career field.

Technical writer

  • This is known as the ideal solo career. As a technical writer, your duties are to produce instruction manuals and other supporting documents to communicate technical information more easily. The reason why a technical writer career is best suited for introverts is because it always you to be alone with your ideas and thoughts. Then you can reciprocate it onto paper, without having to have much verbal communication. The best way these writers conduct research is through Internet research, personal observation, and even the library. $64,610 is normally the starting salary for someone in this career field.

Animal Care and Service Workers

  • Now I definitely didn’t forget about the animal lovers. Every introvert loves something. If it is not people, then it must be animals. Spend your day working with horses, cats, dogs, and other animals. Most people in this field do it because it is their passion, but they normally have another job on the side because the pay is not that great. Introverted people tend to love careers that limit meeting new people. For $25,000 a year, this might be a perfect career for you.


We love our introverted hard workers. Feel free to comment, like or share other careers that you might think is good for the introverted souls. We look forward to hearing your opinions:)

Stay Progressing,

Tigi Bah 

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