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My Summer Bucketlist


d61af2f7b03b1e330137fdb5d2689b8dBring your life into actualization this summer by creating a summer buck list. Summer just isn’t always just fun and games, make the most out of it this year by having something to actually look forward to. Summer in undoubtedly one of the best times to start making your dreams come true. This year I want to use this time to get closer to them, while having a great time while doing it. I encourage everyone to make a bucket list this summer, not only will you have something to hold yourself accountable to but you’ll have something to accomplish. Here the top 25 things on my list this year. I’m determined to do them all!!

Summer Bucketlist

  1. Wake up on someone’s beach
  2. Go on at least two roller coaster rides
  3. Finish at least two books
  4.  Summer Bucketlist-read some good books
  5. Have a night picnic
  6. Have one GIRLS ONLY vacation
  7. Have to go to a rooftop party
  8. Make my first Sangria Mix (my friends are my guinea pigs of course)
  9. Go bike riding
  10. Go to an outdoor concert
  11. I have to ride the Ferris wheel in Centennial Park
  12. Finish my tattoo
  13. Network, network, network ( I need to have at least 25 business cards by the end of the summer)
  14. Get my LinkedIn up to 250 connections
  15. Have to try yoga
  16. Have to attend a yacht party
  17. Fall asleep under the stars
  19. Finish my Blog
  20. Host at least one summer house party
  21. Watch the sun rise
  22. Start a diary again 🙂
  23. Have an adventure every weekend
  24. Wear all white
  25. Visit the hot tub at night at lest once a week
  26. Live every day to the fullest!

Enjoy the rollercoaster that is life

What’s on your bucket list this summer?

Until next time, stay inspired


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