6 Sexy Summer Date Night Ideas

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6 Sexy Summer Date Night Ideas

Less clothes and more love is usually on everyone’s agenda for the summer time. Share this great weather with the person you’re most passionate about. Here are six summer date night ideas that will be steamy not only due to the weather.


Night time in the park


There is no better way to share the night’s sky with your lover than by having a night in the park. Gaze at the stars as you have a night time picnic with just, you, him, and a few bottles of wine. Talk with and enjoy each other’s company with no other distractions than the moonlight from up above.

Drive-in Movies

Not only was this the cutest thing in the 50’s but still is just as cute this summer. Most cities still have drive in movie theaters for you to go to or special movie nights in the park. Take your lover to a secluded spot in the lot and watch a film on the big screen from the privacy of your car. You can bring blankets, food, and what ever comforts you desire. A twist on the conventional dinner and a movie, this date will bring you closer together in more ways than one.


If you and your lover are in it for the fun, then this night on the town will be perfect for you two. Start in a area with several restaurants, preferably urban, and visit at least three of them. Try appetizers and drinks at one place, main course at the other, then end your sexy night at a coffee lounge or dessert place.

Random Road Trip

What better time is it than the summer to go on a random road trip? Plan with your lover a random two day or three day weekend trip. Go to the cabins or even hiking for the weekend,  just anywhere where its just you two.

Make a Splash

Skinny dipping seems absolutely hilarious but if you’re as skirmish as me, au naturel might be a little too much for you. If that is the case at least just take a night trip to the pool. Night swims are one of the most intimate and sexy date night ideas that any one can do. One random night say “Lets go to the pool”, there is no way he’ll deny that. A hot tub will make it even better.



Nothing is sexier than sharing your favorite meal with your lover. Go to the grocery store together and pick out your favorite ingredients for your favorite meal. Cook collaboratively and make the dinner of a life time, spice it up by both of you cooking in your favorite sexy bed time pieces. Nothing is sweeter than tasting the sauces off of each others spoons, while gazing into your lover’s love struck eyes.

What ever you do this summer with your heart of hearts, just make sure it’s intimate. Gage your lover’s interest by doing something that you both will actually enjoy. And most of all just have fun! Let us know if we missed anything or share with us your favorite summer date night ideas. Follow us on social media @thesoabrand we would love to know!


Until next time, Stay inspired


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