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You’re Hired! Making the most out of your summer internship



Yes! You’ve gotten it, the perfect summer internship that you’ve needed to further your knowledge through your college experience. But now its time to the make the best of it!! You’ve been granted an awesome opportunity, now lets milk it for all that its worth. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of this amazing experience!!!

Take it serious!

Whether you get paid or not this internship is just like any job and should be taken just as serious if not even more than a regular one. You have to go into this internship knowing that this is something you want and want to actually take away hands-on experience from. Learn the policies and conduct of the company you are working for and adhere to all rules.This internship will be as beneficial to you as you make it.Your success through out this process depends on no one else but yourself!

Be Professional

Needless to say your dress for your internship needs to be professional almost at all times. Depending on the already established culture of the office or environment of your internship you can get away with business casual, but learn what is appropriate.You should always, always be dressed well.  All communication must be done in a professional manner. You are entering the world of adult-hood and professional communication is vital to your success. If you communicate via text with your boss, there should be no “texting language”, think correct grammar and punctuation with all communication that’s going on . Give yourself a signature on your emails, if you don’t already have one. This shows that you want to be professional and taken seriously.

Be Punctual 

Again this is your job whether just for the summer or it extends throughout  the end of the year. And on your real job you absolutely have to be on time. This goes for conference calls, meetings, and even events that you are invited to. The more you show that this is something you value, your supervisor will take notice. Your supervisor notices everything you are doing whether you know it or not and is constantly evaluating you on a daily basis. Think about it, this internship that you have now could turn into a career for you later on. Your boss is critiquing you on whether they could ever hire you again or refer you to a colleague. This internship should never be something you don’t excel at due to something as easy as being on time. This goes for deadlines as well, make a habit of not missing any of them! If you know that something is due in advance try to get it done before hand. I make a habit of giving myself at least two days before a deadline is approaching to get that project completed. Also try setting yourself alarms on your smart phones that have the name of the project or assignment you are completing. By doing this,this ensures you never miss a deadline again.

Keep  a Journal

Most college credit internships require you to keep a journal during your tenure. This is a great idea whether it is required or not. Record your daily activities and the things you have learned in your daily internship journal. Take notes, read books, and make this summer internship truly beneficial to your future career. By keeping this journal you will be able to go back during and even after this internship is completed. This allows you to  able to make use of all the valuable knowledge you have gained throughout this experience.

Have Fun

Throughout this experience just enjoy it! Those who do the best work often love what they are doing! Hopefully you have secured a internship potion that is inline with you career path, so this will be something that you are actually have interest in. If you like what you are doing there is no reason not to put 100% in it. All though this is technically a job, this is still an experience! And this experience can help you want to further your career in that same direction or help you make the decision of a lifetime and this career just really might not suit you. Summer internship experiences are extremely important to growth of any individual that is apart of one. So enjoy it! Not only are you learning about the career that you fell in love with, you will also be learning about yourself!! These are experiences that most don’t get that often, so cherish it!!

Congratulations on securing your summer internship position! And to all of you who need one, now is the time to start looking!! Good luck on your summer adventure! We would love to know how it went. You can comment  below with your story or connect with us on instagram or twitter by followings us @thesoabrand.

Until next time, Stay inspired

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