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Mouth Party: What to do with those Memorial Day leftovers

Nine times out of 10 if you celebrated Memorial Day the good old fashion American way your refrigerator is probably over flowing with left over cook out celebration food. And we all know the left overs usually have a 3-4 day shelf life to stay in there. So as time is running out, here are some great ways to make use of those left overs with out wasting any bit of it.

Variety Lunch


Pack you are your children a lunch that they will have difficulty deciding on what to eat first! Having a variety lunch is a great way to proportionally get rid of your food at a time. You can go from sample of 3 items you cooked all the way to seven, you just have to have enough container space to fit them all in! ūüôā Try thinking of meal pairings that go together and just don’t put together anything.For example a meat and three sides, or all vegetables, or maybe fruit, vegetables and meat. You can even ask your children what food items they want to include to make them feel apart of the decision making of this versatile treat!

Shish Kabob Pasta


If you were fortunate enough to have the amazing medley of vegetables and savory meats on a stick this Memorial Day, then I’m sure you don’t want to let those left overs go! Try taking all the meat and vegetables off your sticks and turning them into any pasta of your chose. Since the meat is already prepared this meal can be done in a matter of minutes. Simply¬†cook your noodles, drain them, then add the vegetables, meat and sauce of your choice¬†and Voi lah! Your shish kabob pasta is complete.

BBQ Sand which


Left over BBQ ribs and chicken? No problem there is a sandwich for that. Simply pull the meat and skin (if you’re a fan of skin) off your ribs and chicken and cut them up in to small pieces. After doing so put the meat in between two slices of hamburger bun or regular bread and there you have it. If you have any coleslaw or potato salad try adding that to that to the mix for some added some flavor.

Be a Blessing to Others


If you just have no more room in your fridge or no more stomachs to feed give your leftovers to someone who needs them. Bless the lives of the needy by taking these foods to your local shelters. You can even prepare variety plates of your own and distribute them to needy families and people that you see on your local streets. Not everyone was fortunate this year to celebrate this holiday with family and loved ones. And you sharing these amazing meals will do so much for them not just in their stomachs but for sure in reaching their heart!

Happy Eating and Until next time, Stay Inspired!

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