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Gift Guide: 8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We all love our mothers and Mother’s day is the perfect day to show your mother just how special she is. With Mother’s day being less than a week away if you haven’t already gotten that wonderful woman in your life her gift or gifts, you’re probably asking yourself the big question “What do I get my mother for Mother’s day?”.  So here are 8 Mother’s Day gift ideas to help you make your mother feel like the million bucks she’s worth!

Put Some Thought in It


95 % of the time we all know our mothers, and we all know what she likes or dislikes. Mother’s day is literally one of the holidays that the saying” its the thought that counts” really applies. Your mother knows you and they are not always expecting you to break the bank to show them they’re special. Take the time out to think of all the things and products your mother likes and make her a personal gift basket! You can start at Dollar General with a simple wooden basket and stuff it with love.

She’ll never want to take it off


Moms are simple they are just looking for you to show that you care even half as much they do, mainly because no love compares to a mother’s love. So give her something she will never forget, or better yet never want to take off! If your mother is into jewelry you don’t have to jump straight to going to Jared. Try a customized  Mother’s day piece that includes her name, maybe your baby picture, or family picture and a heart felt message. Your mother will melt on site of these gifts! Try starting with they have some great Mother’s Day pieces at a great price.

If your mom enjoys a nice meal…Feed Her

If you’re not able to treat your mother to the restaurant of her dreams, cook for her! Show your mother the skills she taught you by preparing her a five course meal. Thoughtfully plan out her meal based on the entrees she loves the best. Pair her meal with a sweet wine, ( Ladies love Pink Moscato) and don’t forget an even sweeter dessert. Make her feel like the queen that she is by catering to her all night and doing this while accompanying her meal with candle light wouldn’t hurt either!  If your stumped on meal ideas, check out our pinterest Yum! board for some delightful dinner inspirations.

Be a lot of  Mushy

photo (3)


I sent this to my mother the other day in a simple picture message, and she said she was literally in tears. I knew that this is what she has always tried to convey to me and this was the most beautiful message ever! Think of the most heartfelt quote your mother has ever said to you. Or find the perfect quote that describes your mother or describes the epitome of you guys’s relationship and frame it!This is a twist on the traditional give your mother a picture frame, but find a quote that matters the most to her. Use the words that have come straight out of her mouth but be sentimental.  Showing that you have paid this much attention to your mother will be the highlight of her day. She will know that her words and her impressions have meant the most to you and that you will never forget them. With framing these words she will never forget the impression she has made on you either!

For the Mother who likes to Vacation

An all expense paid trip might not be an option right now on such a short notice. But you can send your mother on a vacation every month. Sign your mother up for her escape monthly experience. For your monthly subscription your mother will receive a monthly delivery of luxury products from all over the world. Each month brings your mother a new destination of products to pamper her self with.

For the Home Entertainer


For the mother who wouldn’t miss hosting a dinner party like her life depended on it, contribute to her passion. Don’t just buy your mother a pot or a spoon set. Find gifts that are going to contribute to her entertaining passion. Mother’s will be thankful, but no one needs a third blender, think of items she doesn’t already have or what needs to be replaced, and she will appreciate her gift so much more! You can get her monogrammed dinner plate sets, or customized wine glasses but make it personal. Observe what part of the entertaining process she loves the most and contribute something useful. If she’s into outdoor party hosting, find here a new patio entertainment set. If she loves large family get togethers invest in getting her a buffet server.

Brainy Mom 


For the mother who has been smart enough to recognize education is key reward her! Get her items that are going to contribute to her keeping her brain active and furthering her knowledge. Make her comfortable as she snuggles up with her new reads by buying her a new throw or ensure she’ll never miss a word by getting her some new readers!

For the active Mom



For the mom that is already in to fitness, hence the emphasizes on already, being that it wouldn’t be a great idea to mention anything about fitness if your mother hasn’t already done so trust me :). But if your mother is a health guru and fitness is her life contribute to it! You can get your mother a new yoga mat, or purchase her a trainer subscription for three months. You can also maybe feed her spiritual side with a new spiritual guide or ensure that she continues to eat clean with a new Ninja Juicer.

Mother’s day it truly about showing your appreciation for the AMAZING women that brought you in to this world. What ever gift or gifts you do decide to give your mother just make it come from your heart. Be personal this year, and get something that you took the time out to study your mother and know that she will like!  Let us know what gifts worked or didn’t work for your mother this year. Tag us on instagram or twitter by adding @thesoabrand or comment below we would love to know!

Happy Mother’s day to all you beautiful Women!

Until Next time, Stay Inspired!

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