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A Guide to Springtime Events: Entertainment

We’ve hinted at in on social media and we’ve been teasing the idea of something BIG coming to the blog, so here it is: our SECOND¬†series! Every Thursday throughout this month, we will be providing tips, tricks, and advice to throwing a phenomenal springtime event.

A Guide to Springtime Events: Entertainment via The SOA Brand

We’re going to focus a lot on outdoor events and we’ll be covering everything from entertainment, catering, visuals, and more, using the input of all of our interns and our Chief Storyteller Shawntel! And remember, because this is going to be an ongoing series, we want to hear your feedback. Message us on Facebook, mention us on twitter, or comment below if there’s anything you want to see in further editions or if you have any questions about our tips.


As the title suggests, we’re going to start the series off with some ideas for entertainment at your next springtime event. Now that the weather is nicer and the sun is out later, it’s naturally time to host an outdoor event, right? Well that can make your entertainment choices overwhelming. Do you hire live musicians? Do you set up a sound system at the venue? Do you contract a DJ? All of these are viable options, but I’m going to eliminate one right of the bat: the DJ. For an event like this, a glamorous outdoor affair, think less along the lines of a dance club and focus more on ambiance, socializing/networking, and creating the perfect atmosphere for a mixer. A DJ would likely overpower the venue with music that is too loud and detracts from the vibe, which in turn prevents the host/hostess from networking and chatting with guests. Now that we’ve eliminated one option, let’s look at the other two. Live music can be great, but for outdoor events, so many people are tempted to hire classical musicians (which is great at the appropriate time and place). However, as the evening builds on, you want guests to feel invigorated, and some classical music can have the opposite effect. Ditch the classical quartet and think about finding a local musician to bring to your event. A singer/songwriter type is perfect for the evening, someone with more acoustic music that won’t overpower your guests. This not only supports local music, but gives a potentially unknown artist a chance to be heard. This also gives the guests a wonderful topic of conversation. Just make sure you vet your musicians beforehand: not everyone was meant to be a performer, if you know what we mean!


Now that we’ve settled on music, how else are we supposed to keep our attendees amused? Well, that’ll likely vary greatly from event to event and will also depend on a wealth of other factors: does your event have a theme? What’s the preferred dress code? Are you showcasing your philanthropy? Where and when are you hosting it? All of these are important questions to ask when you’re crafting the perfect springtime event, and they’re questions we’re glad to answer. For instance, light dancing is okay, but if you’re hosting a cocktail-esque party and decide to go with a DJ, club jams won’t make anyone in formal wear too happy. If there’s a theme, think about altering the dress code to match. After all, wants the point in calling your event a Masquerade Ball if you don’t require masks? The time of day can also greatly affect the mood. Nighttime events are great for socializing, light dancing, and superb catering. Midday events are more suited to the mixer atmosphere and people will likely have other plans for their evenings.

So now we’ve covered the basics of your springtime event entertainment. Next week we’ll be moving on to food and beverages so stay tuned. And remember: we want to hear from you! So connect with us below in the comments or on any of our social media pages and we’ll be glad to field inquiries and answer questions.

Stay inspired,
The SOA Team

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