April Fools: 5 hilarious viral pranks that’ll keep you laughing for hours

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April Fools: 5 hilarious viral pranks that’ll keep you laughing for hours

Who doesn’t love a good gag, especially on today of all days? Whether it be inter-office pranks or businesses releasing fake advertisements, April 1st has always been a good day for a laugh (even if the joke’s on you!) so sit back and enjoy some of our favorites of this years crop of April Fools’ pranks. Don’t laugh too hard!

1. Samuel Adams creates a beer that will really lift you up!

Fake advertisements are always a ton of fun and it’s interesting to see which of the more gullible customers take them seriously!

2. Google Maps is now…Pokemon Master?


That’s right. An update released yesterday for the popular location app has made it so each city covered by the product was filled with virtual Pokemon which users could go out and “catch”. It turned into a contest of sorts and we’re sure that the prank masters over at Google are going to reward the most successful of these Pokemon catchers. To be honest, if this were something that stayed around past today, we wouldn’t even be mad.

3. Selfie Craze Takes Off

Google wasn’t the only company to get in on the fun. Several other business released new updates to apps and made announcements on upcoming products that were all centered around selfies. Birchbox, a beauty app, released an “update” to their product that came with “mobile shaving support” and the “self-EAZE Glamour Shot Generator”. Chegg, an online textbook store, is currently offering a class on how to take the perfect selfie, but you better act quick – we’re sure that this course is going to fill up faster than you can say Instagram.

4. Netflix now offers companions to their “Fireplace” video

This past winter, Netflix offered a video series of various fireplaces that could be streamed to your television. Some crackled, some were dim, all were over an hour long and meant to simulate the presence of a fire if you didn’t have a fireplace in your home. Today, they decided to up their game and release “Rotisserie Chicken” and “Sizzling Bacon”, which are 73 minutes and 20 minutes long respectively. You read correctly: a 73 minute video of chicken being rotated on a spit, and a 20 minute video of bacon crisping. Actually, those both sound kind of awesome.


5. TMZ has a little fun with some upset callers.

Last August, TMZ posted a photoshopped picture of Justin Bieber posing nude behind a guitar. While obviously fake, this didn’t stop some fans from getting wildly irritated, and so they took to their phones to file complains. This is how TMZ handled it, and it’s beautiful:

Alright, that wraps up our prank coverage for the day. Feel free to share your favorite April Fools’ jokes in the comments section below!


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