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4 Egg-cellent Easter DIYs

Easter is one of the most adorable holidays ever. You get to dress up, be surrounded by chocolate and if you’re lucky enough be outdoors! And no Easter egg outdoor celebration is complete without a Easter egg hunt. Here are four of the easiest DIY egg stuffers right in time for this joyous occasion.

Paint Natural Brown Eggs   Painted Brown Eggs

Brown eggs aren’t just for eating healthy, they’re also a super easy and creative canvas for your Easter egg decorations. All you need for this project is a white paint-pen and your imagination. Geometric shapes, polka-dots and lines are great inspirations for design ideas. Note: this is probably one of the only times in Easter egg decorating that it is best to paint on these eggs while they’re raw. Painting on these eggs boiled won’t give you nearly the same effect as if they were raw and it makes it much easier to decorate. These are some of the eggs that you will be using just for decoration due to their delicate state.

Try Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs!


Anything glow in the dark always takes your decorating to the next level. Try stuffing your Easter eggs with glow sticks along with candy this year for some added fun. All you’ll need is medium to large sized plastic Easter eggs, tape and glow sticks. Crack the glow sticks before placing it in your eggs along with the candy of your choice, tape the egg back together again and “Voi la”! Another uncomplicated way to add some spark to your Easter celebrations.

Confetti Eggs!


Who doesn’t want to crack open a Easter egg filled with glitter? Confetti eggs has to be the cutest idea ever. You have the choice of either boiling your eggs, scooping out the insides then filling the eggs with glitter or confetti of your choice. Or just purchasing plastic eggs and filling them. You can also fill your eggs with your favorite cereal to make it an even sweater treat.

Rubber Band Dyeing 


Rubber band dyeing is another quick DYI trick for your Easter eggs decorating. Just rap the rubber bands around your eggs at varying angles and dip them in dye for beautiful patterned textures.

If you need a quick refresher on Easter egg dying or boiling your eggs, check out real simple’s piece on egg dyeing!

For more Easter DYI inspiration check out our Pinterest DIY and Holidays board. Also, share with us some of your Easter eggs decorating favorites!

Until next time, Stay Inspired!

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