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DIY PR: 6 PR Practices You Can Do For Your Self

Reputation, Reputation, Reputation, essentially that is what Public Relations is all about. Public Relations is the formal practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public. Where Public Relations shapes an ideal image and generates as much positive publicity for the client that PR is being performed for. Having the ability to make or break someones career comes at a hefty price and not all start ups can afford the ticket. Here are 6 DIY PR Practices that anyone can do to manage the reputation of their business or their personal image.


Utilize Social Media: Social Media is way pass the days of just casual conversation but is now at the forefront of what every business or person communicating with the public must have in order to be successful in this world. From Twitter to Pinterest to Linkedin to Instagram these all are important social media sites to have in order to engage with the public. And did I mention they’re all FREE. Create a page on at least five of the most trafficked sites with your brand and try to keep your name on each site relatively consistent if not the same. By doing so you start to develop a brand identity on these sites and should post similar content through out all of your pages. But before you can decide the content, create an idea of what you want to be known for from advice, to motivation, to recipes and that is what the public will refer to you as the “Go To Guy” in that arena.

Engage, Engage and Engage some more: Once you have your social network traffic coming in you have to keep them hooked! One way besides content is to engage with your followers. PR is always a two way communication stream that thrives on feedback. Follow your followers back and create opportunities for your followers to engage with you. Like hold weekly picture contests on Instagram, or  conduct series of polls on Facebook.Your followers are who make you and they always need to feel important at all times. The possibilities are infinite with the amount of creative ideas an individual can come up with to engage with their followers. The best question to stop and ask before you choose your engaging methods is “How would I like a person to get me involved?”. If you still need help search our Pinterest at for our social media strategies board.


Call Me. Business cards do still matter in this technological driven age. Whether you are a start up business, corporation or an individual professional business cards are crucial for adding a personal touch to your networking strategy. Business cards give you an opportunity to make an in person impression at first encounter that shows that you’re about your” business” and are professional at all times. Just as You are Your Brand, You are also Your Business. And the concept of your “business” is your identity and  this needs to embedded in everything you do from a casual encounter with a person to attending a Gala. Business cards are one of the first steps to maintaining your brand identity and always making yourself a memorable candidate.

BE Consistent: Consistency is key in any relationship from personal to business. To ensure that you maintain the brand identity you have created not only for yourself but your business you must always stay consistent with the persona you have created for your public. This means anytime you walk out the door or get on one of your social sites keep in mind the image that you created and what you want the public to see. From every facet that has to do with your brand image that image has to be steady across the board. If your brand is lifestyle management, there should never be a post on Facebook about how your life is in shambles. All though this might be the case think of how you would react if you went to your favorite site for motivation and they were posting nothing but negative quotes. You could never look to them again for that same advice, thus damaging your idea of their image. Never forget to keep the identity you worked so hard to build unchanging from the original concept in everything you do.

Get Out There, Be Seen!  “Your Network is your Networth” is a quote that has been becoming increasing popular lately,  but it is completely true. In the business world it is often times not what you know but the people you have taken the time out to cultivate relationships with and create everlasting images of your self with them. Always take the opportunity to got to conventions in your filed, mixers and social events. Take all opportunities to brush shoulders and be in the same place of the businesses and people your aspire to be like. About 60% of job hunters find their new job with the help of friends, family members and acquaintances, you never know where your next social will land you. There are always networking events going on in your city, you can also reach out via social networks and join mailing lists to receive newsletters from your favorite companies that list opportunities to be with professional eager to expand their network just as you are.

If your are in Atlanta, Ga on Wednesday Nights you’re in for a treat. YBM Entertainment holds a weekly Networking Event for Urban Professionals at the alternative restaurant lounge Boogalou in Midtown. Next time your in town check it out! For more information contact: (478) 960-5658.


AND Be Up to Date: The best PR practice that you can do for your self is stay current. Forever should you be on the search for “The Next Big Thing”. With managing your brand identity you have to be aware of the world around you in order to stay relevant. Whether staying on top of the newest gadgets or software do your research to ensure you always know what you’re up against. This includes going to technology conferences, researching trends and attending interactive seminars.  Never miss a beat and someone will never pass up the opportunity to get to know you!

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