Best Places in Georgia to Spend St. Paddy’s

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Best Places in Georgia to Spend St. Paddy’s

Every year March 17th is dedicated to the celebration of the beloved Saint of Ireland St. Patrick. St Patrick’s day is a celebration full of Irish culture, dancing, parades and lots of car bombs and good old Georgia comes in the top 10 on most lists of places for you to celebrate this holiday. If you’re in the peach state in the month of march your’e truly in for a treat! Here are some destinations you’ll have to make your way to this year!

Savannah, Ga

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Green rivers, all you can stomach drinks and a 15 day long celebration describes this St. Patrick’s day festival. Regarded as having one of the top 2 St. Patrick’s day parade celebrations in the nation, this first city in Georgia knows how to set the bar. The celebration actually starts on March 2nd with the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade beginning on March 17th held in Savannah’s National Landmark Historic District. Every year Savannah receives 300,000 visitors for one of this city’s favorite holidays. Several days before the parade there is a tradition of dyeing all the fountains in the Savannah green, literally painting the city of Savannah green with luck.

Night life is surely not forgotten on this joyous occasion. The weekend of March 17th is a extremely fun one for the historic River Street of Savannah. There is non stop music, food and of course drinks for everyone who comes to celebrate this green holiday. River Street  hosts one of the biggest parties in the nation celebrating this holiday that you just have to be there to experience.  For the entire weekend it is open and free to public but visitors must be 21 to enjoy what the city has to offer. So before you make your way to this celebration don’t leave home with out your id.

Atlanta, Ga

Atlanta has several Irish inspired celebrations to keep your days festive if you cant make your way down to Savannah. From the famous Midtown bar crawl to Keggs&Eggs there is no way you’ll be missing a beat in this city’s celebration of this St. Patrick’s Day.

The 132nd annual St. Patrick’s day parade will take place in the heart of Atlanta in Midtown. From noon to 1:30PM enjoy Atlanta’s fun-filled family friendly event. Once night fall hits there are several bars in Atlanta who love this holiday just as much as you.

Buckhead Saloon

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Limerick Junction Irish Pub 

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Green Mile Midtown Pub Crawl


As the Irish say A drink precedes a story!

Happy St. Patty’s!!

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