20 Spring Cleaning Tips You Can Do This Weekend

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20 Spring Cleaning Tips You Can Do This Weekend

It is our favorite time of the year again! The sun is beginning to shine, the flowers are blooming, and it is about that time to start deep cleaning. Spring time is here, so do you know what that means? Cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning. Nothing brings in the wonderful season better than revamping your home. I know most people are ready to redecorate, or even make that closet transition from winter to spring clothes. It is really easy to get overwhelmed with having to clean the whole house, but before you make that anxious jump, we have a list of helpful tips you can do to begin your spring cleaning journey. These tips are quick, easy, and do not require too much time, so you are still able to enjoy your weekend. You can even get the family together and everybody can lend a helping hand.



  • Empty the cabinets and wipe everything down
  • Throw away all old foods in the fridge and clean it out
  • Disinfect the trash cans
  • Dust the lighting fixtures
  • Deep clean the stove with baking soda and the walls next to it (that is where all the fatty grease stains are)


  • Scrub the grime on the tiles with bleach
  • Clean out your drains
  • Fix any leaky faucets
  • Clean behind the toilet
  • Dust the picture frames and decorations


  • Wash all the sheets
  • Clean under the bed
  • Dust all electronic devices
  • Transition closet from winter to summer clothes
  • Go ahead and redecorate

Living Room 

  • Wipe down furniture (especially if you have children)
  • Baseboards must be wiped down and polished (use fabuloso)
  • Wash curtains, carpets, and rugs
  • Lift the couch and you will be surprised how many lost items you can find
  • Dust the window blinds

Have you noticed how during the winter time people fail to notice the dust and webs that exist in their homes, but once that spring sun comes out, it seems as if all the dirt you were dreading to clean all year comes out. By bringing your home into good spirits, the rest of the year is bound to be nothing but great. Spring is the season for renewal, manifestation, celebration, and falling in love. Right now is the time to take those dreams and make them into reality.

Feel free to comment below on any tips you might have.



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