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Valentines DIY: 7 simple ideas you can do yourself

As relationships get more seasoned Valentines Day becomes a holiday not focused on the theatrics but continuing and celebrating that spark of love that kept your relationship going for so long. The SOA Brand congratulates and adores strong love. Here are some simple ideas you can do yourself to continue that flame in your love life with out even leaving your cozy home.

Breakfast in Bed


What other way to start your day off with your sweetheart then feeding them delectable meals from their bed side. We found a great recipe for a valentines day twist on french toast.

Transform your dining area in to a romantic restaurant for a night


Creating a personalized table setting and menu is a creative way to transport you love birds to another world. Create a prepared menu and itinerary for the evening and treat your lover to full course night.

Make A 5 star Dinner


No full course night is complete without a five star meal. Find the perfect recipe that will exude all your love in every bite your lover digests. A recipe bursting with robust flavors or their favorite meal will definitely make their taste buds along with their heart crack a smile. A good glaze or marinade is always easy and can be cooked on almost any meat. Here is a simple salmon recipe you can try.

All you’ll need
1½ pounds salmon fillets
lemon pepper to taste
garlic powder to taste
salt to taste
⅓ cup soy sauce
⅓ cup brown sugar
⅓ cup water
¼ cup vegetable oil

Don’t forget a perfect wine pairing red will do just fine with this already sweetened meal.

Sweeties for your Sweety


Full course meals aren’t complete without out a tantalizing desert. A spin on home made rice crispy treats is a fun and easy idea to keep your Valentines Day sweet.The recipe can be found at

Sweeten up your mason jars


Mason jar stuffing is a great DIY gift that always does the trick. Simply find a mason a jar in your home clean and polish it then stuff it with all your heart desires. Think of  a centralized theme for the jar from all love quotes to filling it with personalized love notes and candies. This is a extremely personal gift that you can get as a creative as you like.

Hang your love all over


Banners are an truly easy way to create an ambiance of love in your home. You can create and print a banner right in your computer room. Most computer programs like Adobe Publisher, PowerPoint and Microsoft Word have templates to create banners. Simply print, cut then string the banner pieces together with yarn. You can also create your own more personalized banners with individual pieces of decorative paper and string together as well.

PS I Love You


Roses are always the signature of love. Aside from the traditional rose pedals leading to the bed or heart shaped designs think of using them to help create a picturesque romantic setting. To recreate this look, you will only need rose pedals,a needle and clear cord. Simply string the needle with the clear cord then through the rose pedals until they create a line of hanging of pedals. Hang these decorative pieces through out your home to create a one of a kind lovers paradise.

For more Valentines day ideas check out our Pinterest board dedicated to this lovers holiday. <3

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