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Balanced VS Blended | Making That Whole Work Life Balance Thing Work


I’m a notorious compartmentalizer. I like my stuff to be neat in its individual box. I like to think of my life as an expedit…a giant open back bookcase (type of thing) used to display items, books, and knick knacks. I’m used to my personal life being personal and my professional life being professional, and never should the two meet…at least that’s how my mom taught me. Then I decided that I wanted to become an entrepreneur, start a business, and work towards making my ideas a reality.

Compartmentalizing is all good until you realize that you are doing too much. So many times, I’ve found myself doing way too much and having to make edits or trying not to cuss someone out because I felt totally overwhelmed and consumed by my own doing. I try so hard to balance my personal life and my professional life only to have one side overtake the other, typically my professional life takes over…I mean, that’s what scales do…they tip to the side with the most on it.

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When Maneesh Goyal of MKG premiered Live in the Grey last year, I totally didn’t get it. I thought that if you’re living a balanced life doesn’t it blend together? How can a person truly have a blended live and what the heck does that mean? Are entrepreneurs more prone to have a blended life since a lot of the time our work is our home and vice versa? I was thinking about it too much and it was making me stressed.

Then one day, it kind of clicked. Or rather the pieces started to come together and the picture was clearing up. We are taught to balance our life. Coming from baby boomer parents who lived a very scripted life until the day they died; they taught us to grow up, go to college, get a job, start a family, provide for said family, retire, and then be buried. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t sound like the life I want to live. A balanced life seems kind of boring. Thinking about how I lived my life, pre-entrepreneurship…it was kind of boring. Boring in the sense of I always knew what to expect and had little room for risks and surprises.

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Being a storyteller and modeling my business off of that, I realize that although we are the author of our stories, we don’t truly know what the story is going to be about. Hindsight allows us to see the story we have written to be able to write better stories in the future.

Entrepreneurship has really taught me to understand that what’s most important is blending my life together to make this kind of Monet painting that doesn’t seem like it should look like anything, obut once you take a step back, you realize that it’s something special. I get it now. My business isn’t just my business, it’s my baby and I treat it as such. My clients aren’t just my clients, they feel like my friends. My office is honestly anywhere I choose to work at any given time, whether that’s the bed, Starbucks, my living room floor, or the co-working space I go to. My close friends feel like mentors and partners than anything. My husband is both a client and a collaborator. They don’t have to be in pretty boxes, separated from each other, they can come out and co-mingle together. At the end of the day, a balanced life isn’t truly what makes us who we are, it’s the blending of every part of ourselves in any kind of scenario that makes us the very people we are…It makes us complete, we just have to be willing to blend.

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Three ways to make your life more blended.

Take home to work. Whether that’s your favorite scent, meal, throw, or portraits of those you love, make your place of work feel more like home. Especially if you aren’t fortunate enough to tele-work or work for yourself.

Don’t dress for success, dress for happiness. Wearing a suit is like wearing a straight jacket to me…totally uncomfortable and restricting. While keeping with your workplace’s dress code, dress in a way that makes you feel happy to wear your clothes. It could be something as simple as a funny pair of socks or a creative nail design.

Forget everything you were told about being an entrepreneur. Forget about it. What they told you isn’t what you’ll experience. Find inspiration and create your own entrepreneurial experience.

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