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Seasons Givings: Helping during the Holidays

soup kitchenLet’s face it: nowadays, Christmas is a consumer holiday. Holiday music comes on the radio earlier every year to inspire shoppers to be generous with their pocketbooks. Black Friday is a maelstrom of sales tags and markdowns geared to part workers and their paychecks. Children become more familiar with the notion of receiving than they do the good of giving. While this may be an unfortunate truth, there’s so much more to the holidays than all the gifts that have been so immaculately placed under each tree; there still lingers an undeniable spirit of charity that burns with a fire too bright to be snubbed out by the yearly present-frenzy.

We here at SOA believe strongly in the power of helping people craft the stories of their lives, the magic of being able to provide joyful memories that will last for years to come. And now, we want you to do the same. This year, take some time out of your hectic holiday schedule and help create a beautiful Christmas for someone in need. The opportunities to give back are endless: food kitchens always need volunteers. Toy drives continuously strive to reach more children. A bag of gently-used goods could provide clothing to a family incapable of affording it for themselves. Even a simple donation can do a world of good.

Take a moment to hop online and do a bit of research. Find a charity that speaks to you, whether it be a cause you wholeheartedly support or a group that’s setting out to make a real difference. Look into what percentage of your donation is seen by those the charity represents.

The internet can also help you find local volunteer opportunities. It’s as simple as searching for nearby shelters, halfway houses, and food banks. Call around. Send an email or two. Find someone, anyone, who could make good use of five hours of your time. Those five hours can turn into a lifelong memory for a less-fortunate individual. It’s easy to spend time giving to ourselves. Now, it’s our chance to give back.

Find great opportunities here:

Also, if you are in Atlanta this weekend, be sure to go to our charity bowling event at Metro Lanes & Games at 1959 Metropolitan Pkwy SW Atlanta, GA. RSVP here: and join the conversation on Twitter #B2BAB4

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