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How to be a good gifter

Because Bah Humbug! can’t be returned…

It’s exactly one week before Christmas…have you even started your shopping? We’ve given you some awesome DIY’d Gift Ideas. We’ve shared other ways to spread holiday cheer. We even told you how to dress for those holiday parties as well as where you can go to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. But of course, you already know that most people are looking for awesome gifts that will make them feel like a kid again, but that all goes south when you find out you are a bad gifter. We are certain that you put some thought into the gifts you get, but…they still lack that certain je ne sais quoi. Below, I share with you 6 tips on how to be a good gifter. Take it from the self-proclaimed ultimate gift giver, whether it’s DIY’d, quirky, or thoughtful…I have you covered.

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How to be a good gifter.

Put thought into it. Some of the best gifts I have ever received have been from someone who really put a lot of thought into the gift they have given me. My mom is probably THE BEST at putting thought into it. Christmas was a big deal in my house when I was growing, so we love to surprise each other with gifts that are not only thoughtful, but useful. Putting thought into a gift, tells the person you’re gifting to that you pay attention to them and appreciate them. Instead of going for the gift card because it’s easy, take the time to find out what the person really wants or needs. Trust that they will love you for it.

Think outside the box. Is it just me or do all gifts literally come in boxes? Have you ever thought about packaging your gifts in a unique way? Maybe inside of a stuffed animal. A few years ago, my mom hid all of our presents through-out the house and gave us a treasure map to find them…now THAT was thinking out of the box. Instead of going with the traditional box and wrapping paper idea, try packaging your gifts in an unconventional way.


Shop where most people don’t. Support small businesses. Nothing is worse than knowing that about 10,000 people have the same shirt, bracelet, hat, or purse. When you purchase items from a local or small business, not only do you stimulate the local economy, but you can be sure that there are limited quantities of the same item. Be sure to put your orders in with them early to allow for shipping time.

Make it fun. What’s the best way to give a gift that is “traditional?” Make it fun. If you are giving money to someone, why not allow your child to create the money holder, that way they have money AND one of a kind art! Even if you are providing someone with something as simple as a holiday or thank you card, make it fun.


Maximize your budget. Specifically for office secret Santas, we know you normally have a meager budget to get your office wife/ husband/bestie something nice. Maximize your budget by 1. shopping smart – look for online deals and discounts 2. don’t be afraid to add a little more 3. utilize sites like Groupon, Scoutmob, and LivingSocial to get awesome gift ideas for a small budget

Match their enthusiasm. If someone gives you a gift with a grumpy look on their face are you excited to take the gift? Even if it’s fake, match their enthusiasm. If you bought them a gift you KNOW will get them excited, create anticipation by being as excited as you would want them to be to receive it. Promise you will get all warm and fuzzy inside.

Christmas shouldn’t be about giving gifts, but let’s be honest…we love receiving them. Be a good gift giver with our tips above and you’re certain to make someone’s day all merry and bright.

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