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Holiday Design on a Dime

Keeping your home festive this season is a great way to show holiday spirit and spread holiday cheer but it can be costly. Here are some ideas on decorating your home without interfering with your Christmas shopping budget.

Light it up



ImageImageLighting and candles are always awesome ways to illuminate your home and set the tone for a magical evening. Strings of light décor can be found on sites like and running between $10.00 and $13.00.

The More the Merrier-Not

Image ImageSometimes bigger isn’t always better. A series of small pre-lit Christmas trees scattered around your home are vibrant additions to single family homes. Trees similar to these can be found at your local Wallyworld.

Drink up

ImageThankfully the spreading of holiday cheer usually comes with some form of alcohol consumption :).Snowflake printed wine glasses are excellent for holiday dinner parties and social gatherings in your home. I found a super deal on four of them for $12 at Target. Start there!

Your Comfy Couch

Image ImageSpruce up your couches this year with holiday themed throw pillows. Themed pillows are subtle decorations to remind you of the holiday season.


ImageOf course if all else fails just DIY. Making your own ornaments are one of the easiest and most fulfilling projects if done with your family or loved ones. Simply buy plain covered ornaments (can be found anywhere, Walmart, Dollar tree, your pick), once home you’re able to create whatever masterpiece you see fit. Bedazzle your ornaments with glitter and jewels, all you need is a hot glue gun and your imagination.


The key to home decor this holiday season is just expressing your love and joy for this time spent with the people that make a difference in your life. No matter what you do, your humble abode is just that YOUR’S. So whatever decorating you do this holiday season just add your personal touch to it, there is nothing more joyous than walking into a holiday themed home and instantly being filled with genuine Christmas spirit.




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