Have yourself a HEALTHY little Christmas! The ‘how to’ on how to stay healthy this holiday season:

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Have yourself a HEALTHY little Christmas! The ‘how to’ on how to stay healthy this holiday season:

The holidays are hectic, to say the least, and sometimes we all need a little reminder on how to make sure the holidays don’t get the best of us:


I have a few types on what might help you make it to the finish line, AKA New Years!


  1. Beat those germs!

Staying well and keeping your immune system strong is honestly the best way to stay healthy this year! I know we will all be out shopping, which means massive crowds, so be careful and try to wash your hands when you can. Also, holiday parties can get a little crazy, as well know, but please for the love of your body, DO NOT drink from someone else’s drink!


  1. Chose your snacks wisely.

Let’s not joke around, holiday cookies and treats are probably our favorite part of the holidays BUT what if I told you that there is a way to enjoy them and stay healthy? My one key to success on this subject is to choose wisely, out of all the cookies, candies, and baked goodies of the holidays, ONLY indulge in your absolute favorites. That way are you not only getting to eat those once-a-year nom noms, but you don’t have to worry about the holiday aftermath!


  1. Please, do NOT stop being active!

I know it gets crazy, but whatever you do, don’t skip the gym the entire time! It may be necessary to slow down the amount of times and length you can go due to relatives or all of the fun you’re having, but do try your hardest to make time for it. And for those of you who may be anti-gym, get a little funky and dance at every holiday party you attend!


  1. Don’t let the stress overwhelm your fun (that’s the most important part anyways, right?)


It’s always a little ironic how the holidays are dubbed as ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ but yet once they are over, we just want to sleep until the next one! Relatives may be a little overwhelming, but just try to remind yourself of why you love them so much in the first place. If you happen to become the planner of all parties, recruit help from your friends, family, or significant other. When it comes to all of that delicious food for the soiree, try cooking some of it the night before or divvying the load amongst pals. And my most valuable tip for maintaining stress during what seems like the most stressful time of the year, get in touch with your inner Zen and just breathe.


The holidays are here for a reason in your life! That reason may be religious, family-oriented or personal, but you always have the option to remain healthy even throughout all of the haywire. And please do remember to have a happy holidays, we’ll see you in the new year!

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