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Have yourself a DIY Christmas: A guide for the crafty gifter

The question on our collective minds right now is “what on earth am I going to get so-and-so this year?”. The gifting process is never an easy one. Nowadays, it’s all too often that we see people content with giving out gift cards and the ever-delightful “cash donation” (guilty here), eschewing much of the Christmas spirit. However, the simplicity of a personalized gift can speak volumes without emptying your wallet. Whether you’re working with a tighter budget or you simply prefer the allure of homemade crafts, I’ve included several links to great DIY projects as well as a guide to creating your own handcrafted art that’s guaranteed to impress this holiday season.

The first on our do-it-yourself resource list is a great tumblr page that’s rife with excellent ideas for some fantastic crafts. DIY Crafts Now (found at http://diycraftsnow.tumblr.com/) has dozens of pictures for some homey inspiration. If you’re not up for a bigger challenge, this one might not be for you. Most of the crafts on this tumblr are more around-the-house projects, so they’re perfect for friends or family members who are trying to renovate their homes.

Next on our list is a great guide to a cutesy cocoa gift from Christine Trevino’s blog that’s ideal for the javaholic in your life. Check it out over at http://christinetrevino.com/2012/12/18/diy-christmas-cocoa-gift/. Her blog is also full of lovely gift guides in case you’re tired of buying tumblers and mugs for the coffee addicts in your life. This cocoa jar is a great idea that can be spread on from person to person, not to mention it looks completely adorable. Plus, who can say no to some delicious hot cocoa?

For the Bath and Body Works junkie in your life, the Here Comes the Sun blog has a great guide to some amazing peppermint bath salts. It’s the ideal way to get your loved ones to the spa without the crazy costs. These bath salts are wonderfully aromatic and great for your skin. Take a look: http://www.herecomesthesunblog.net/2013/12/diy-gift-idea-peppermint-bath-salts.html.

wall art
Finally, for an art project that’s sure to wow, you’ll need several simple items: canvas tiles which you can purchase at almost any arts store, Mod Podge, another craft store buy (or any other glue substance you can use for decoupage), and a handful of discarded newspapers. All you have to do is clip out a handful of eye-catching headlines and affix them to your canvas with the Mod Podge. Fill any white space with news copy (and feel free to incorporate any pictures that grab your eye). Once you’ve got the entirety of your board(s) covered, cover the top with another layer of your glue, ensuring all your pieces hold, as well as giving the piece a great sheen. The end result is a gorgeous piece of wall art that looks store bought while being beautifully handmade. I also had my sister’s help (read: I made her do most of the work) so it’s a great way to spend time with someone you love.

I hope you’ve all found some great projects to get started on this holiday season. Check out Pinterest and tumblr for more great DIY ideas and share some of your favorite Christmas crafts with us here at SOA.

Happy crafting!

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