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4 (OTHER) Ways to Show Holiday Cheer

4 Ways to Show Holiday Cheer…without being “THAT” guy. We all love the holidays…seriously. I don’t care how angry, cynical, or depressed you are through-out the year, the holidays are the ONE TIME during the year where you revert back to that child like innocence and hope that you will find evidence that Santa truly is real and that he still remembers that Easy Bake Oven you so desperately wanted at age 9. At the office, the holidays are a great way to bring up morale and really get to know your co-workers outside of deadlines and projects. During the office holiday party, you might get to see your boss in all his drunken greatness and possibly get to know that designer you’ve been fantasizing about wanting to get to know since forever. Bringing holiday cheer to the office doesn’t have to be a competition, it doesn’t even have to be about the decorations…*gasp* but it should definitely be about getting to know your work family better and figuring out how to make their holidays that much more special, as well as creating an opportunity to learn more about the world outside of the office. Here are 4 ways to show holiday cheer in the office. 1. Pay It Forward. Although we should be doing this through-out the year, let the holidays be the start of you doing something nice for someone else and encouraging all of your work buds to do the same. It can be as simple as baking cupcakes (but only if you actually can bake cupcakes, otherwise Publix is down the street) or writing thank you notes to everyone. Random acts of kindness makes the world go ’round and you’ll realize how much nicer your work place is when you become the change. pay_it_forward 2. Serve the community as a company. You work together. Sometimes play together. Why not serve together? Going off of the tip above, pay it forward by serving those less fortunate. Think about it, as much as you can sometimes hate your job, nothing puts things into perspective like seeing people who are just thankful to be alive. Nothing makes you appreciate the things you do have like seeing what others don’t. You want to bring holiday cheer and grow as an organization, take some time away from the day to day operations to volunteer together. 3. Decorate in a way the celebrates EVERYONE’s ethnic/ religious background. Not everyone celebrates Christmas…and not everyone knows what Kwanzaa is about…and what is up with that thing called a Menorah? The Holidays are a time to celebrate EVERYONE’s version of the holiday. It’s a great learning and growth opportunity to not only celebrate all of the winter holidays but to really get to know each other and show respect for each others’ background as well. crazy office decorations 4. Have a ‘Holidays Around the World’ Office Party. Like we listed above, everyone celebrates the holidays differently. How many “holiday” parties have you gone to knowing that you actually celebrate St. Nicholas Day? Or having everyone look at you funny while wearing your dashiki and gele. There are so many more holidays than Christmas that we just don’t know about. Have fun with your business besties by learning about and celebrating other Holidays from around the world. Holiday cheer is a feeling that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. This year use the above tips to not only make everyone at the office feel good (although a nice hefty Christmas bonus could do the trick), but to create new office traditions. What are some different ways your office spreads holiday cheer?

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