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The Food Club Experience

You all should know by now that I LOVE a great experience, it is the premise of all of the events that we do here at SOA Event Concepts. So when my hubby invited me to this shindig that an associate was throwing together and prefaced it with, “You have to wear a mask,” I was super intrigued by what the evening would bring. As we drove to the location, I was pondering on what “The Food Club” actually meant, if you know me…or rather if you have read this blog…or acquired our services, you know that FOOD is the way to the heart. I love food. Personally, I only exercise because of my love for amazing food. True Story.


When we arrived to the location, I was surprised to see that we were pulling up to someone’s house. There is something about the intimacy of a house party that not only helps you to get to know people, but just makes you want to kick back and relax and get to know some new people without feeling pressured to do so.

As we entered, the first thing I noticed was the smells…OMG! The smells! We weren’t sure what was being prepared, but we knew it was going to be nothing short of delectable. Rachelle, the managing director for Urban Vine Wines Company, greeted us and started to break down the drinks. Urban Vines Wine Co, creates and labels their own wines right here in the metro Atlanta area!


I got my Olivia Pope on with the pinot noir and went outside to meet all the other guests. Everyone was discussing and making s’mores. I tried my hand at it, while balancing my slightly overfilled cup of wine, allowing the crowd to coach me. Best first s’mores ever!

Just as I was finishing up my second third s’more, the first course came out! Tri-bean Bison and Lamb Chili with fresh sour cream and homemade guacamole…NO. WORDS. NOT ONE. I haven’t had “red meat” in about four years, but had heard that bison was a much leaner, easier to digest red meat…so I gave it a try and it was AH-MAY-ZING!


Then the second course came out: Shrimp and Spinach Grilled Cheese. First of all, who told shrimp and spinach that they could get together in a grilled cheese sandwich? I believe her name is Chef India Ramos, culinary curator and creator of Urban Vine Wine Co! Without any formal training, Chef Ramos knows how to create great stories through food!


Just as we thought we didn’t have to unbutton our pants, Chef Ramos brings us Spiked Hot Cocoa infused with Bailey’s Irish Cream and topped with hand-whipped vanilla Svedka Vodka cream…such a delicious mouth full.

The thing that makes The Food Club such a great experience is that it’s not just about the food. It’s also about the networking and most definitely about the music. Chef Ramos LOVES music. She had a DJ spin tunes AND live performances that forced you to dance the calories off!


Seriously, at this point, I thought that she couldn’t possibly have another trick up her sleeve but then she presented us with Salted Caramel Hand Pies. SWOON! The night was capped off with words from Chef Ramos and Rachell about how much they appreciated us being there and letting us know they will be starting an IndieGoGo Campaign for a new restaurant concept. Followed by dancing…lots and lots of dancing!

Very rarely do you get the chance to be a part of something amazing from the ground level. Urban Vines Wine Company is definitely building their name in curated culinary experiences, one Food Club event at a time. Can’t wait to see how they build and how far they go. They have SOA’s support!

*All Photos Credit: J.White of Why Cause I Can

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    This past Sunday, The SOA Brand and I had a chance to have a true Food Club Experience with amazing Tapas served while drinking wine and getting to checkout performance by Sonny Bamboo, Mic Barz and Mic Sic. Checkout her write up as she gives a GREAT recap of the Urban Vines/The Food Club Experience.

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