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Breath. Stretch. Shake.

Why Entrepreneurs NEED to Take That Lunch Break.

How many of us are totally guilty of this:

Get up. Bathroom ritual. Get Dressed. Turn on the computer. Work all day. Shower. Go to bed. Where in the world is there time to eat and stretch and relax?!?!

As an entrepreneur, we have the luxury of working from our home, sometimes our bed, other times in a co-working space. We are the ones who have turned our passions into our careers and sometimes it’s hard to get away from it. I know I’ve sat in front of the computer cranking out proposals and emails followed by making phone calls just to get up and have lower back pressure or to hear my stomach grumbling.

Breath-Stretch-ShakeJacket: Spanx | Shirt: Custom SOA Shirt | Smartphone Gloves: H&M | Tights: Spanx | Shoes: Asics

When you work for someone else, you are forced to take a break…after all they take that 30 minutes or hour out of your check so why wouldn’t you take that break. However, when you work for yourself…breaks are optional.

Dear Entrepreneurs…and home based business owners,

TAKE YOUR LUNCH BREAK! It’s good for you and you need to.



Taking breaks are beneficial to both our health as well as the health of our businesses. Here are a few reasons why you should be taking your lunch break daily:

    1. Our brain needs a break. Your brain repairs itself when you are at rest. All the information you recently soaked up gets filtered by your brain for you to remember later. (Brainsmart)
    2. Overexertion can result in bad work. Pushing yourself to the limit is good if you are the Little Engine Who Could, but when it comes to physical labor…in regards to the day to day of operating a business, you can only work but for so long before your work starts to suffer.
    3. Our body needs nourishment to refuel. ‘Feed Me Seymour!” That’s not the mutant plant talking…that’s your stomach, it needs nourishment. Nothing is worse than trying to work on an empty stomach. So do yourself a favor and grab a sandwich or make yourself a Bubba Chicken Dip Quesadilla
    4. Moving around can help recharge our energy. Even the simplest of movements can get those juices flowing again. Do a little bit of light yoga, take a brisk walk, step outside for some fresh air, whatever you decide to do…just make sure you get up and out!
    5. You’ve burned a hole in your retina…move away slowly from the computer. I hate to say it, but when my generation becomes the next “baby boomers” we are going to have really bad eyesight. We spend hours in front of the computer and refuse to look away. If only for an hour during the working period…turn off the computer and rest those retinas!

Breathe-Stretch-Shake-2Jacket: Spanx | Shirt: Custom SOA Shirt | Smartphone Gloves: H&M | Tights: Spanx | Shoes: Asics

Passion really does drive you when you have decided to turn it into a career, the trade off is that we often times forget to eat, refuse to get up, and overload ourselves. A key tip, add your lunch break into your calendar. Set an alarm for the time during the day you feel your energy dips and take a break then. Your body, business, and brain will thank you.

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