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The ABCs of Life

All Basic Components in Life You May Have Forgotten.

I remember when I first graduated from college, I worked at a business to business marketing firm. They provided us with all kinds of analogies, stories, and anecdotes that would help us to both hard and soft sell to potential leads and clients. Because we were in a business that did a lot of “cold calling,” these stories and anecdotes helped us to get through the grueling a head (we worked approximately 12 hours days…in a suit. If you know me, you know I do not like suits). I remember one anecdote was “always be closing” in which we were advised to talk to potential clients with the intention to close the sale. Today, some three plus years later, I utilize this advice when I pitch ideas and proposals to potential clients and brands. From the advice I learned at one of my first jobs out of college, I put together the “ABCs of Life” list.

The ABCs of Life

The ABCs of Life is a list of the very basic things you need to get through practically anything. I know for those building businesses it is essential in guiding your business through success. For college students it is the building blocks of being a great student. And for everyone, it is sure to get you through those tough days when you’re not sure what you should do.

Always Be Consistent. Have you ever heard the saying: consistency is king? Of course you have. You can’t go one day without hearing it. The thing about consistency that we tend to forget is that it takes practice. You literally have to keep at the same thing over and over until it because habitual. It is through that habit that you become great and people start to notice you. Not only that, but people take you more seriously and trust you. Trustworthiness is definitely tied to consistency and consistency is a habit on the road to success.

Always Be Challenging. Challenges are scary…believe me. But it’s through challenges that we discover ourselves. Think about the most challenging thing you ever had to face; maybe financial, educational, marital. Think about the steps you had to take to overcome it. Think about how you had to step outside your comfort zone in order to face the challenge head on. Think about the lessons you gained because of it. Challenges are what make us wiser, so never be afraid to face them. Get to a point when you see every challenge as an opportunity to learn.

Always Be Closing. In sales, “Always Be Closing” represents the idea that you should always find a way to close the sale. In life, always be closing means finishing what you started. Be impeccable. Don’t say you’re going to do something if you don’t plan on doing it. You don’t save face by being a “yes person,” it’s okay to say no if you have to, but if you say yes…just remember to always be closing.

Always Be Conscious. Simply put, pay attention. Pay attention to those in your life that support you. Pay attention to the things you say to others, as well as yourself. Pay attention to who you are around. But most importantly, pay attention to you goals and how you wish to achieve them. It is through conscious intention that we are able to manifest our dreams.

Always Be Curious. Never lose your curiosity about life. Ask questions. Inquire into the nature of things. When we were kids, we always wanted to know how things worked or why things were the way they were. When we grew up, we lost the inquisitive spark. We started to think we knew everything, but sadly we know nothing. Never be so so full of pride that you resist the need to ask questions or to find things out from others.

The ABCs of Life are all basic components to your best self. You already know about them and have practiced them before, all you needed was a reminder 😉

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