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Afternoon Tunes: 10 Halloween Inspired Songs

Okay. So Halloween is in my top three favorite holidays (the other two being my birthday and Christmas). My family was the type to go all out for Halloween. We watched scary movies until we were too afraid to go out. We ALWAYS had candy to give and we never missed an opportunity to scare each other or the kids in the neighborhood.

I remember this one time we had the scary sound effects going, the fog, the spider web, the whole nine. There were these two twin girls who were trick or treating. While one twin stood in the street clutching to her mom’s side, the other twin, motivated by free candy, made the decision to brave ringing the door bell. As my mom and I stood in the dark watching the entire ordeal going down, my brother, in all his masked glory came running out of the door and chased her down the street. We laughed hysterically as the twin, too scared to go with her sister took off running before her sister could catch up to her. Fast forward two years, the twins are eight. They start walking up our driveway, but one of the twin sisters remembers that scary night two years ago and tries to talk her sister out of ringing the doorbell. We all walk out to meet them and promise that we wouldn’t do anything scary. It was one of my favorite personal Halloween memories.

Outside of scaring little kids and watching scary movies, one of my other favorites are the Halloween inspired songs out there. You remember Monster Mash? What about the theme song to the movie Halloween? Check out our afternoon tunes for Halloween Inspired Songs to get you in the Halloween spirit or scare the pants off of you.


10 Halloween Inspired Songs (in no particular order)

1. Thriller -Michael Jackson


2.Coming Undone -Korn
3. The X Files theme song
4. Superstition -Stevie Wonder
5. I Put A Spell on you -Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus

6. This is Halloween -from Nightmare Before Christmas
7. GhostBusters -Ray Parker Jr.
8. Disturbia -Rihanna
9. Kill Everybody -Skrillex
10. Devil Went Down to Georgia -The Charlie Daniels Band

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