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6 Places to Find Inspiration

You’re having a mental block. You’ve been trying to feel inspired to complete a project, write an article, or just simply create but you can’t seem to find the inspiration to get that mojo going. Often times when we get into a creative block, it usually means that your brain is over worked and needs a break. What I have found being creative is that you have to take a lot of breaks to allow your mind breathing room to take in outside stimuli and translate that into something tangible. The world we live in is all about constantly moving, constantly working, and even overworking ourselves. Finding inspiration involves us standing still and observing, allowing our senses to be open and receptive.

Below are 6 Places to Find Inspiration.

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Hardware, Craft, Paint Store. Have you ever went to buy something small and minute at one of these stores, but found yourself attracted to everything in the store? You walk around and think about all the amazing projects you could do around you house, or that one pin you saw on Pinterest. Places like the hardware, craft, or paint store are designed to spur creativity. They are built so that you can get all the tools you need to fix it, mix it, and create it. If you are in a creative road block, take a trip to one of these stores and just walk around. Mull over the thousands of shades of color. Pick up paint chips and group them with unexpected colors just to see how it looks together. You’ll find that those roadblocks will soon disappear and you’ll consider working on your project from a new perspective with more clarity.

The Park and Nature. There is something mesmerizing about the stillness of nature. Walking in the park without distractions allows your mind to open. You start to think about things that you hadn’t considered in a different way. I’ve had some of my best aha! moments after walking in the park or simply sitting outside on the porch. I’ve found that we live in a world with ALOT of distractions that cause us to lose our inspirational edge. There is so much to be inspired by in nature, whether it’s the sound of the wind in the trees or the way the leaves change, you can bet that you will feel both inspired and invigorated by simply going outside.

In Conversation. Conversation is the informal exchange of ideas. How can you not be inspired by a great conversation? Say you are having a problem that you can’t just seem to figure out. Call up one of your best buds or colleagues and tell them the problem you’re having and why the solutions you are coming up with aren’t working. What will happen is, their objectivity to the situation will allow them to see the problem from a totally different perspective and they can offer a different set of solutions you hadn’t considered. From there, as ideas are getting exchanged, you become inspired to challenge your own thinking and come up with even better solutions.

People Watching. Go to a coffee shop or cafe, sit outside, and just watch the passersby. I don’t know about you, but I like to make up stories about who those people are, what they like, and why they are in the area. In the past, this has helped me in my writing development. In other areas, it has inspired me to come up with design details I hadn’t considered, maybe adding a print with a pattern to the tablescape or mixing typography in an invitation. People are interesting and inspiring creatures, all you have to do is watch them. Just make sure you don’t look like a creep doing it.

In Art and Entertainment. Remember the last song that inspired you to dance or sing or stirred something emotional in you? That is what art is for. Art whether it is through the medium of paint or stone, music or dance is what inspiration is all about. Take a trip to you local museum, visit a spoken word event, or just turn up the tunes and let the lyrics and melodies take your mind to a far off place. For me, classical music is my art of choice when I need an injection of inspiration. I am constantly intrigued by the way notes and chords are intertwined to create such an amazing and classic body of work.

Meditation. When was the last time you sat quietly and cleared your mind? Meditation is a create way to not only find inspiration, but to allow inspiration to flow through you. Like I stated before, we live in a world full of distractions. Often times when we feel uninspired or have a mental block it’s because we have way too much going on in our heads. We are focusing too heavily on something that doesn’t require our attention. When you start to feel overwhelmed or upset that your ideas aren’t making sense to you, walk away from your computer, desk, or notebook. Find a comfortable spot that you can either lay down or sit quietly and breath deeply through your nose, focusing on your breathing. All you need is 5-10 minutes of deep breathing and relaxation to get your creative juices flowing again, plus you’ll instantly feel more relaxed.

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something especially to do something creative. There are limitless ways to find and gain inspiration if we only allow ourselves to be receptive to it. Let these examples serve as your guide to finding inspiration when ever you feel like you have walked into a creative rut. Take note of the examples here and elsewhere that offer you the most inspiration and tap into it when you need an instant boost.

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