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DIY Tuesday: 5 Ways to Destress

How to get out of an emotional rut…before you become known as “that psycho around the office.” Have you ever noticed how your personality changes when you feel overwhelmed? As much as you try your hardest to relax and focus on the task at hand, it seems as though your stress levels continue to go up and up until finally you explode on the next unsuspecting person to ask you something as simple as “How are you doing?” Don’t let your emotions dominate your actions. There are some super simple things you can do right now to destress

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

Five Ways to Destress

Walk Away From Your Work– Have you ever had that feeling? You  know the one…the feeling that you just need to punch your computer screen because no matter what you do, it just can’t seem to get the ideas you have in your head right? Yeah. When you start to have thoughts like this, that means it’s time to walk away from your work. Maybe you just need a little distraction to get your creative juices back flowing and to allow your mind to wander and rest. This is when games and magazines come into play. By playing a game like Sudoku or even Candy Crush, your mind is forced to figure out a way to solve problems from a different perspective. Magazines give your mind time to rest because you are focusing more on the pictures than the words.

Take a Break– Not only should you walk away from your work and do something else, but you should just take a break. Maybe it’s time to go eat lunch or maybe you just need to go for a walk around the building. Whatever it is you decide to do, just make sure it doesn’t have anything to do with the work that has you feeling stressed. We tend to over stress when we focus too much on one thing. Take this time to focus on filling your belly with a yummy meal.

Get Another Perspective– If you have only  lived in a box all your life, how can you possibly know that there is a whole other world out there waiting for you? That’s kind of how we feel about our work or projects. We think that the way we have continuously looked at the project is exactly how it should be finished. Try asking for advice from your co-workers, peers, or mentors about ideas on how you can enhance your project or how they may have solved a similar problem. By listening to their solutions, you will be inspired to craft a solution of your own.

Talk It Out– Sometimes all we need is a good listener. Maybe there is someone at work you trust or even your best friend or mom is there to listen to the very thing that is stressing you out at the moment. We become more stressed when we don’t address the stressor. Talking about it not only makes you address what’s bothering you, but it can help you to get over it. It’s okay to talk, just don’t obsess and become a nag.

Lose Yourself to Dance– Seriously. Dancing has been seen as a great way to relieve stress and increase endorphins, the chemical that makes us feel good. Of course, dancing lessons aren’t required…just really great music. Sometimes being silly and tapping into our childlike innocence is exactly what we need to get us out of our adult sized funk.


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