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DIY Tuesday: 10 Ways to Be More Productive

Remember when you were younger, how much you dreaded going back to school because you had to prepare your brain to be productive and absorb information that you really didn’t care about? Fast forward to adulthood and now you have to prepare your brain for less sunlight and an even shorter attention span. Now that the summer is almost over, why not be proactive when it comes to being productive? Certainly all of us has it in us to be more productive, but we could all use a refresher. Check out our tips for being more productive.

10 Ways to be More Productive

10 Ways to Be More Productive

First of all, why is it so important to be productive? Let’s see, you get more work done. You have more time in your day. You won’t spazz out because you feel like a wall of papers is caving in on you. A sense of accomplishment…after all, who wouldn’t want to feel accomplished?

Take advantage of your peak energy hours — I know I am the most productive between 10AM and 6PM. Working from home, I’ve learned to do the most with my day between those hours including going to the gym, working on SOA, interviewing and corresponding with contractors, and cooking dinner. My energy levels dip right at around 6:30PM making me fairly useless when it comes to getting actual work done. I am also, not an early morning person, for me 10AM is pretty early. Learn what your peak working hours are and take advantage of them. If you know that you are a morning person, who gets up every day at around 4AM, what sense would it make to try to knock out a project around 4PM. And if you are a night owl, let your creativity flourish in the mystery of the night. When you take advantage of your peak energy hours, you create your best work and utilize your energy how it should be used.

Write it down — I carry a notebook with me every where I go. I usually end my nights with a to do list for the next day. When you write things down, it allows you to have a little bit more clarity on what needs to be accomplished. Certainly things will come up, adding to you list, but as long as you have the basics down you won’t feel overwhelmed. Not to mention, that satisfaction you get when you can cross things off your to do list…is excellent.

Prioritize your ‘to do’ — Not only should you write down the things you need to accomplish that day or that week, but you need to know which items need to be accomplished first. Usually my to do lists start with the people that I NEED to contact for that day and how I need to contact them. I follow that up with a list of things I would like to accomplish that day. *Note: what I would LIKE to accomplish and what I actually CAN accomplish are two different things. Once I’ve established what I want to do, I then highlight the items that HAVE to get accomplished. Which brings me to #4…

Don’t stress — There are only 24 hours in a day, most of us are asleep for about 8-10 hours  out of the day, social media takes up about 2-4 hours out of our day, those of us with job have about 8 hours of work time and two hours of commute time, then add about an hour and a half for cooking and eating dinner; if you’re married or in a relationship you have about an hour or two for your significant other and it’s like “WHERE DID MY DAY GO?!?!?” Don’t stress!! The point of writing things down and prioritizing is so that you have an understanding of what you can realistically get done and if you don’t accomplish all of it, it’s okay. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Be a tortoise, not a hare — You’ve heard the saying, “slow and steady wins the race?” In the world we live in, everything is fast. You can get your fresh coffee in under a few minutes, news travels at the speed of light, and we have access to everything we need at the touch of a button. When it comes to being productive, you move surprisingly fast…and efficiently…when you pace yourself. Instead of trying to do four things at once, try committing yourself to one task and THEN moving on to the next one. You’ll find that you’ll make less errors this way.

Turn off distractions — I know this is a hard one, and I am totally guilty of it, but turn off the Twitter…and Facebook…and Instagram…and Pinterest. What normally works for me is to put my phone on airplane mode, turn on the classical music and get to working. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still peruse Instagram, but I do it less often when I’ve made the decision to focus on getting the work done.

Set a timer — Sometimes our brain needs a break. The timer works for one of two things: first the timer could work for your next break. You set the timer for an amount of time that you want to work for (IE 20, 30, 60 minutes); second it could work as your break timer (IE 5, 10, 15 minutes). I found that when you place a time limit on the work you’re doing, you actually lose yourself in doing the work.

Reward yourself — Seriously, who doesn’t love a little reward? Maybe you can reward yourself with time on social media, or lunch, or a nap…yeah…naps are good. I usually reward myself with naps around 3PM…you know a little siesta-action.

Keep yourself accountable — You set out to accomplish these tasks right? So, accomplish them. Put down the phone, pull out the to do list and get the work done. And if you don’t finish what you’re supposed to do, don’t stress, but understand why it was that the work couldn’t get done. Take accountability for your actions…or lack of actions.

Get Organized — Look at your workspace. Do you have papers strewn all over the place? Trash can is overflowing? What about the desk itself? When you are I am around clutter, your my mind interprets it as chaos. Clear off the clutter and alleviate the chaos.

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