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DIY Tuesday: Waterproofing A Blanket

The Fourth of July is only a matter of days away. Most people are preparing to barbecue or go to one while others will be relaxing somewhere having a picnic waiting for fireworks to happen. Don’t you hate when you picnic or relax in grass just to find out that it’s damp? Prevent the icky feeling of laying in damp grass by creating your own waterproofed blanket. Martha Stewart has an easy DIY for you to create your own waterproof blanket.


Materials Needed:

Water resistant fabric (like ripstop nylon, vinyl, or an oilcloth)

Sewing Machine (or if you’re handy thread and needle)

Hammer or mallet

Snap Kit


Cut fabric to the exact dimensions of the blanket, but add 1/2 inch on all sides for hem. Fold edges of backing under 1/2 inch; machine-stitch both inside and outside edges of tape around entire perimeter.

With a hammer or mallet, fix snaps along edges of the backing and the blanket; attach snaps at intervals of 10 to 12 inches around the whole border. Attach the “male” half of snaps to the backing first; then mark the placement of the “female” half of snaps carefully on blanket for a good fit, and attach snaps. This will allow the backing to be detached when it is not needed.

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  • Audra

    I’ve been wondering how to do this! Great information! I can’t wait to try this so we can take a picnic this summer!

    • soaeventconcepts

      When you create it please share with us! Good luck and have a fabulous holiday!!

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