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DIY Tuesday: Cacti Garden

I was perusing my instagram feed last week when I saw this picture from my mentor (in my head), Fadia Kader.

Photo from Fadia Kader's instagram

Photo via Fadia Kader

My first thought was, “Cacti come in colors other than green and desert?” Fadia presented this cactic garden so beautifully that when I found this amazing DIY from A Beautiful Mess, I HAD to share it. This is the perfect decor idea for the visually challenged and even better for those with anti green thumbs. Check it out!

Planting A Simple Cacti Garden

What you need:

A wide vase of any size. Fadia used a rectangular vase approximately 12 in x 3 in x 2 in (guesstimate). The girls at A Beautiful Mess used a wide, shallow circular vase approximately 10 in x 5 in.



Cactus plants (you can also add succulents like Elsie and Emma)

What to do:

Add a layer of rocks to the bottom of the vase.

Add approximately a one inch layer of soil on top of rocks, but don’t pack it too tight because the plants go next

Arrange your plants who you like, creating a visual that pleases you

Add another small layer of soil around plants

Add around plants


Elsie's Cacti Garden. Picture copyright A Beautiful Mess

Elsie’s Cacti Garden. Picture copyright A Beautiful Mess

Check out how Elsie of A Beautiful Mess created her Cacti Garden on A Beautiful Mess

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