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H2PYE: How to be a gracious host

Have you ever seen those old Hollywood films where the lead actress hosts a party and she is the picture of perfection? Her hair is perfectly coiffed. Her nails are magnificently manicured. She is the pillar of party perfection. She knows exactly the right things to say and everyone wants to be around her…or be her. I wish we still did those things now-a-days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take notes on their hostessing skills.


What makes a perfect host?

They are courteous. Courtesy goes a long way when you are entertaining guests. Knowing when they would like another drink or ensuring that the appetizers are plentiful will make your guests see you as the courteous host. A part of courtesy is having the solutions to problems before they arise. You as the host have to wear many hats while at the same time keeping a smile on your face so that your guests will keep the smile on theirs.

They hold great conversations. What do you know about current events all over the world? Are you well versed in the latest trends in technology, fashion, and innovation? What do you know about the world of sports? This doesn’t mean that you should spend hours studying the rules of Wall Street, but definitely ensure you have something to talk about with your guests. You will have people with a diversity of interests, knowing a little about a lot will ensure that you are not only connected to your guests but that they are wowed by your knowledge of their favorite subjects.

They are timely. This doesn’t have to do with punctuality…after all there’s nothing wrong with being fashionably late to make a grand entrance. In this sense, timely means knowing when to enter and knowing when to exit. They know when the appetizers should be passed, when the drinks should be mixed, and when it’s time for the music to be loud or soft. “Patience is understanding the beauty of timing.” A gracious host knows all about being timely.

They are alluring. Have you ever been to an event and there was always that one person who people gravitated to? It’s as if they literally light up a room. The most gracious of hosts have that certain…je ne sais quoi that makes their gets want to be around them which in turn makes them want to always come to an event that you are hosting. The most alluring people are the ones who are comfortable being themselves no matter what situation they are in.

They are themselves. This is the most important part of being a gracious host. Be. Your. Self. People can tell when you are pretending to be someone that you are not. When you are yourself, you will automatically know what to say and when to say it, you will courteously concern yourself with your guests needs, and you will be alluring.

Being a gracious host, has less to do with your waiting skills or whether or not you know how to make the perfect martini. It has more to do with lighting up the lives of the guests who you have opened your home and heart to and making them feel welcomed. The best thing you can do as a host is make your guests be glad that they took time out of their schedule to be a part of your world. By being courteous, entertaining, timely, alluring and importantly yourself, you are showing them your appreciation while being a gracious host.


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