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The Protagonists.

The University of Georgia Chapter of the National Council of Negro Women was my home for about three years when I was an undergraduate on campus. I gravitated to their ideals for sisterhood, community involvement, and campus unity. I started just being involved and going to meeting, but soon was encouraged to join the executive board as the Program Director. In this position, was when I found my niche in planning large events as well as having an outlet to grow as a leader. It was the organization that helped to shape who I am today.

The Prologue.

Every year, NCNW hosts their annual hair show. It is the job of the Program Director to bring together the students of UGA and the local businesses in Athens. Every year, the programming director gets the opportunity to express their imagination. The year I did the annual hair show, I didn’t want to do just a runway full of trendy hairstyles. I wanted the hairstylists and makeup artists to truly showcase their talent.

The Plot.

With two full months of planning, strategizing, recruiting, and executing, Exotic Images was born. The Exotic Images Hair Show was inspired by some of my favorite genres of music and how they inspire fashion. It was divided into four scenes: Welcome to Hollywood, Heads High, Rock On, and Stylist’s Masterpiece. With my 20 hand picked models, we set out on an adventure that would make a huge impact on all of our lives. After weeks of practice, several different challenges, Exotic Images was the first sold out hair show that NCNW put together. The over 200 guests were delighted to see their friends on stage with wildly inspiring hair, to hear music that made them want to dance, and to be a part of an annual event that brought together the student body and the community.

This event, my first event ever, planted the seed of inspiration and inspired me to want to continue to make bigger and better events.

The End.

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