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How to Plan Your Event: When Should You Get Event Insurance?


Most event planners we know often suggest to their clients the importance of getting event insurance no matter what event you plan on throwing. Of course there are plenty of benefits to getting event insurance such as:

Piece of mind

Prevent liability issues

Plan B in case of accidents, cancellations, acts of God

I’ve spoken with a multitude of my clients who didn’t know that event insurance existed and wonder why they need it in the first place. One main reason you would need event insurance is because you can’t control everything. As event planners we like to believe that we are the Olivia Pope’s of the events industry, but you honestly can’t control everything especially if you are a non-event planner. A few years ago, we did logistics and management for a community fall festival that included a car and bike show as well as about 2000 people. Everything was fun and games until the son of the local school principal got into one of the cars and took the emergency brake off. The car rolled down the hill and hit the trailer for one of the food vendors. No one was hurt, but we had to quell the crowd, call the police, and pray that the organization that put the event together didn’t get sued. With event insurance, it shifts liability and makes it possible to take care of accidents that may happen. Event insurance is that piece of mind you need that lets you know that if something, anything happens there is someone there to help you.

Why should you consider event insurance? Here’s a few reasons why:

    • Size of event- The more people you have at your event, the higher the likelihood that something can happen as a result of other people’s actions.
    • Location of event- Stairs, slippery floors, hard surfaces all these spell disaster in you location and someone waiting to get hurt by them.
    • Contract- Your contract with your venue may require you to get event insurance, do the right thing
    • Geography of event- Some locations are more prone to natural disasters like flooding, hurricanes, mudslides and tornados; these are what’s called “acts of God,” they can not only cause your event to cancel, but can cause serious damage especially if your event is outdoors
    • Time of year- We like to think that the seasons are Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall but some regions can change that to Rain, Snow, Sunshine, and Overwhelming heat.

Event insurance is affordable quick, easy and comes with a variety of line items that you can consider. Some even offer to make final payments on your behalf if something should happen. You don’t have to get event insurance if you believe that your event will go off without a hitch, but do you want to take that chance?

Here are a few places to research event insurance and find out which is best for you:




Also, look into your own insurance company. Many of them offer event insurance as a line item in your existing policy, especially if you are having an event at your home.

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