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DIY Tuesday: 3 DIY Gifts for Mom


Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend. What do you plan on doing for your mother on this special day? Remember when you were a child and you created these crazy things for your mom? Maybe you painted a picture or created pottery, just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you aren’t your mom’s baby anymore. Check out these cool DIY projects you can do for Mom on her special day.

For the Homebody

My mother LOVES to lay in her humongous bed with her mug of tea and watch movies when she’s not working as a nurse. One of my favorite DIY’s is a custom mug.



One plain mug in any color (you can find them at the Dollar Store, Walmart, and Target)

Permanent Markers


Wash and dry mug ensuring the surface is completely free of dirt and water.

Utilizing the permanent markers, create an amazing design that mom will love on the mug.

Place mug in oven at 350° for about 30 minutes

Let cool.

Fill with Mom’s favorite candy, popcorn, or teas

Watch her heart swell

For the Social Butterfly

If your mom is known for her hosting skills why not create something that she can share with her friends.

Handmade Gold Foil Tumblers from House of Earnest

Handmade gold confetti tumblr from House of Earnest

For the Hardworker

Think about all the work our mom’s have put into caring for us as well as caring for others. Why not make something that she can use to get the relaxation she deserves.

Brown Sugar Scrub



Dark Brown Sugar

Olive Oil

A few drops of essential oil (great for relaxation- lavender, chamomile, vanilla; for a boost of energy-citrus and ginseng; for focus-mint and green tea)

A small mason jar

Plastic or wooden spoon


Decorate mason jar adding mixtures contents

Add one cup of dark brown sugar with 1/3 cup of olive oil and several drops of essential oils into the mason jar and mix together.

Seal mason jar tightly with spoon on top.

Wrap in ribbon and place into a gift bag.

If your mom is anything like me, she’ll certainly appreciate a well thought out and handmade gift. We love our moms and want to show them that we really appreciate everything they’ve done for our well being, try these three DIY gifts and get more inspiration on our DIY Pinterest Board!

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  • katrinaml

    I add lavender oil to mine, and it smells fabulous. How long will this keep do you know?

    • soaeventconcepts

      As long as you keep it in a dry cool place, it should keep for several weeks! 🙂

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