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DIY Tuesday: Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

It’s warm out…at least in most of the United States. That means it’s time to take the party from the indoors and bring them out. Fire up the grill and invite some friends over! But don’t let your flying friends spoil the party by buzzing about. Don’t ruin your outdoor party decor with those gauche wooden tiki torches. Now you finally have a reason to use all of those empty wine and liquor bottles lying around the house. We’re not judging, we needed an excuse to keep them too! 😉

Check out this super easy and extremely useful DIY we spotted over at Jennifer Van Dahm’s When Pigs Fly.

Photo from Jennifer Van Dahm

Photo from Jennifer Van Dahm


Clean and empty wine or liquor bottles

Tiki Torch wick refill

Citronella lamp oil

3/8″ metal washer, to fit the opening of bottle

Decorative glass rocks, beads, marbles (find this at the Dollar Store…trust us)


Pour decorative stones into the bottom of bottle, pour at your discretion, but remember that the more you have the less oil will be needed.

Feed wick through opening of washer, about 1/4, but before doing that…make sure washer fully covers the opening of the bottle. The last thing you want is a smoky tiki.

Check out Jennifer Van Dahm’s website for the rest of these super easy directions and don’t forget to share with us how you style and decorate your new additions!

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