8 Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

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8 Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

Today for DIY Tuesday, we’ll share 8 things you use every day that has extraordinary properties for your entertaining and party needs.

Extraordinary uses for ordinary things

Having an event outdoors and don’t want to shell out the cost for pest control? Try using fabric softener sheets. All you have to do is save the used dryer fabric softener sheets and tie or pin on to your clothing while you’re outside! For the most creative, make corsages and¬†boutonnieres — double duty!

So, you have your family coming over for a big sit down dinner. You haven’t used your “good silverware and china” since you received them on your wedding day and now the silverware is kind of dull. Use the inside of a banana peel to polish your silverware. Also! It can be used to polish leather.

Nothing is sadder than when a cake goes bad or gets hard. Did you know you can use an apple to maintain its moisture? Even the cakes you get from your grocer’s bakery!

You’re getting ready for an event, let’s say prom, and you notice a pimple on your chin. If you have a spare aspirin laying around, you can use it to dry up a pimple. Moisten it a bit with water and apply the paste to the pimple and let it sit for a couple of minutes before washing it off with facial cleanser and water. If it persists, repeat until it’s gone!

Here’s another aspirin trick! Ever wonder how to get your flowers to last longer than a few days? Try giving your flowers an aspirin.

Hey guys! Did you know you can use butter as shaving cream? Think about this the next time you run out of your favorite shaving cream…and think about what Paula Deen says, “every girl loves butter.” Okay, she didn’t say that. We’re kidding.

Has this ever happened to you? You invite the girls over for wine and Sex and the City, you all are laughing and having a great time when all of a sudden someone spills red wine all over your tan carpet. If you have some salt, that hasn’t been used for margaritas, you can use it to clean up the wine spills. While the spill is still wet, pour some WHITE wine over it to dilute the color, clean the spot with a sponge and cold water. Sprinkle the area with salt and wait 10 minutes, then vacuum up the mess.

Summer is almost here and the grill is about to become your work horse. Every one is ready for those burgers and ribs, but nothing ruins a great barbeque like a grease fire. Did you know you can use cat litter to prevent grease fires? Pour a layer of cat litter into the bottom of the grill and don’t worry about potential grease fires.

Think about all the things you have in your house that can be used for one, two, or dozens of different things. The party doesn’t have to stop because you have to clean a spill, hide a pimple, or stop a grease fire. Check out these and other amazing¬†Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things by Reader’s Digest!

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