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DIY Tuesday: an Eggcellent Easter Card

Easter is in a couple days and everyone is preparing their homes for family feasts and fun festivities. One of the things we love about Easter are the colors and the fun DIY projects that take place. Remember when you were a kid and you used to decorate eggs? Or make cards with bunnies on it? How much fun was it when you were a kid? Let’s bring back some of those fun times when we kept calm and just created. Check out this fun and eggcellent Easter card!


Materials Needed:

Colorful paper

Paper cutter


Glue Stick

Marker or Sharpie


The Card:

Start with a 12 in x12in sheet of card stock

Fold in half

Then cut the folded card stock in half, creating two cards

Repeat as needed



Cut green paper horizontally with paper cutter

Then cut multiple vertical lines, fringing the paper

Fluff the fringed paper to give it more definition



Fold a small square (4-5 in) in half, but don’t crease

Cut a half oval shape

Open, if the shape isn’t egg like, reshape to be more oval

Repeat with other colors

Layer eggs on top of each other, checking for spacing

Glue pieces together


Once you’ve figured out how you want to layer all the pieces, glue…but never too much glue, you don’t want puckering.

Write a message on your card and…



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