Tales from the Road to ‘I Do’: Muy Delicioso

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Tales from the Road to ‘I Do’: Muy Delicioso

Things are starting to fall into place, the girls and I have our dresses and I have found a fitness routine that I can stick with and is working…at least until food is present. Being that our wedding is a fusion of cultures, the cuisine that we want to present to our guests has to be anything but mundane. So long to the regular chicken and steak dinner with your over done sides, my MOH (maid of honor) found me a culinary artist who not only has a passion for food but is the King of Fusion Cuisine. When I met Josue, he seemed shy but excited for what me and hubby (to be) wanted him to execute. He came prepared with multiple options for a beautiful dinner. Hubby and I chose the dishes we liked in each course, made a few tweaks based on our taste preference and we set out on an adventure to the market to gather the necessary ingredients. What awaited our palette once Josue was finished turning our kitchen dream into the finest of meals was nothing short of muy delicioso!

Check out the video of our tasting!


When it comes to picking your caterer, don’t settle. A meal can make or break your wedding. If you have to question whether or not your guests will enjoy it, then you probably shouldn’t go with that person or company. Be sure to pick someone who not only is skilled with their craft, but has a passion for it. Passion is the difference between a chef and a cook…and anyone can be a cook. Also, be sure that your caterer can create a meal that is representative of the two of you as a couple. Do you like spicy and flavorful? Are you attracted to color and taste? Are you known with your friends for putting together weird but amazing dishes? Let all of that translate to what you want your wedding guests to experience. It’s not just about how it sits with their stomach but also how it appeases their tongues…and soul.

Tell me what you think! I want to hear from you!

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