The Intern (Part 2: Mattiepalooza Special)

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The Intern (Part 2: Mattiepalooza Special)

Last weekend SOA Event Concepts coordinated the first annual Mattiepalooza in Atlanta, Ga. The event was hosted by SBOC (Style Bloggers of Color) founder and Atlanta Style Blogger executive Mattie James. Mattie James also posts her own blog Mattieologie.

Mattiepalooza was a great success for SOA Event Concepts and The A-Team as Mattie likes to call her team of assistants. The event brought out many beautiful bloggers of color such as Christen Rochon of Divas and Dorks and SBOC panelist, Kristen Kai founder of the blog Lily Kai and winner for SBOC best blog business, Tia Williams former magazine beauty editor and founder of Shake Your Beauty, guest co-host Mae of Natural Chica, and SBOC keynote speaker Claire Sulmers from the Fashion Bomb. Mattiepalooza also had many businesses and sponsors to help make the event a success; Google, Sole Society, Beautiful Textures, and Bronner Bros, were just a few names that helped create such a wonderful event. My favorite part of Mattiepalooza was the Fashion show. The models were gorgeous and the clothing was beautiful. I was literally picking out pieces that I wanted for myself as the models walked by. The fashion producer Carter James of the James Taylor Firm did an awesome job choosing models and pieces for the show.

Although this event turned out to be beautiful. From an interns point of view it was a beautiful disaster. Working late hours each night until two in the morning, moving boxes, tables, chairs, THE STAGE,  all while walking around in heels on a concrete floor, made me slick regret being apart of the event industry. On top of that, having to deal with my employer and co-interns getting into it, vendors being aggitated, the heat of the venue, late arrivals, and the feeling of not knowing if everything that we worked hard for would be accomplished. It wasn’t until the end of the event when every horrible thing that happened during the event was summed up by Mattie’s assistant Diamond: “Life is happening.” I thought to myself that is so true. Life is happening. It was simple yet powerful at the same time and has now become my new motto.

Even through the dirt, the grime, the swollen feet, and aching muscles, at the end of the day I was at peace and felt accomplished because I was one of the few to be able to see a three year old dream transform into reality.

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  • missrcloud

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the swollen feet…lol! Great one!

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