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Inspiration is Everywhere

Fashion icon and author Paul Smith said it best on the cover of his book, “You Can Find Inspiration In Everything…And If You Can’t, Look Again”.

When I think of where I find inspiration, it is hard for me to think of one specific place.  My inspiration comes from all aspects of life:  music, books, fashion, magazines, nature, the list goes on.  When I was younger I loved listening to all types of music, from ‘N Sync to Trick Daddy. I also read a lot of Teen People magazine and tried to play match maker with my friends.  All of this inspired me to create and record my own pretend radio station.  I would play hit songs from the ’90s, sing the jingles from radio commercials, and pretend  as if I was reporting live from a club or car dealership.  I would also write scripts, newsletters, songs and books; all of which were inspired by my dreams.

Today I was inspired while driving.  I drove three and a half hours from Atlanta, Ga to my home town Thomasville, Ga.  Once I got off the highway and hit the country side roads, I began to see a repetitive color.  The color green surrounded me.  Beautiful, vibrant, lush, shades of green ran along the sides of the road.  At that moment I realized that I loved the color green.  It was beautiful in every shade imaginable.  Seeing this color also gave me ideas for future endeavors.  Because money is green, I began to think of ways to make money, save money and pay bills.  I was also inspired to paint again, which is something that I haven’t done in three years.  I want to create a series of abstract paintings with a green and blue theme.  I was inspired to travel to Brazil, Egypt, Nigeria, Rome, and Spain. I have always wanted David Bromstad from HGTVs Color Splash to decorate my entire home with a blue and gold Spanish theme, but now I want to incorporate green for a more tropical rain forest theme.

Finding inspiration is only the first step; allowing inspiration to drive and motivate me to complete my inspired goal is the key to success.

“You can find inspiration in everything , and if you can’t, look again”.

— Paul Smith (2003)

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